Posted 11 hours ago

So I finally have some physical proof of weight loss. I normally buy 18 size pants. Tonight I bought two size 16 jeans.

It’s only one size, but damn it feels good.

Posted 2 days ago

I feel accomplished.

I finally feel like living like a broke hermit is paying off.

Posted 2 days ago

That awkward moment when your boyfriend’s mom has to pee while you’re pooping and there’s only one bathroom…

Posted 3 days ago

Why the actual fuck is it snowing on April 15th?

I was wearing a dress and flip-flops 3 days ago.

Posted 4 days ago

I’m thinking about Angelica…

I miss my babygirl. :-(

Almost 8 years later and it still feels like part of my soul is missing.

Posted 6 days ago


Posted 1 week ago

There is no sound as beautiful and calming for me as the howl of a wolf.

Posted 1 week ago


Perfectly Simple bars are super gross.

It was like eating sawdust in bar form.


Posted 1 week ago

It’s lose weight time again.

Hello meal replacement shakes and protein bars.

Posted 1 week ago

My tattoo won’t just flippin’ heal.

I love my tattoo.

But this fucker needs to peel and get pretty again. Lol